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Pranic Healing level 1, Stockholm

Learn the detailed and in depth basics of energy anatomy and healing

  • Bromma

Palvelun kuvaus

Are you interested in understanding how energies affect our health, wellbeing, prosperity and spirituality but need clarity, concreteness and scientific methods? Then the Pranic Healing course series is for you! In the Pranic Healing courses, you get detailed and tested information about energies, auras and chakras, and how these affect, for example, our health, emotions, relationships and finances. The Pranic Healing energy treatment system is based on the principle that the entire human energy system - the energy bodies, also called auras, and chakras - is closely connected to our physical body and mind. When we help the energy system function properly, the body, mind and other areas of our life also improve. The Level 1 course serves as the basis for a series of courses where you also learn about colour energies, the energy anatomy of emotions and thoughts, the energies of wishes and prosperity, deep spiritual development and much more. This 2-day basic course takes you into the world of energies! You will learn, in depth, about auras, about the 11 major chakras of the body, feeling energies with the hands, doing energy treatments, meditation and self-care. All the things learned in theory are experienced and practiced with your own hands. You will also learn about karma and how the law of karma can be used to improve the quality of your life and make your wishes and plans materialise. The teacher for this course is Senior Instructor Hannele Söderholm-Johansson, an authorized trainer of the Institute for Inner Studies Inc. Hannele has been teaching Pranic Healing in Finland and Sweden for over 28 years. Hannele also actively does healings, organises nurturing sessions for Pranic Healing graduates, and is constantly training under the guidance of international teachers. More information: Pranic Healing: spiritual growth and knowledge of the human chakra system. NOTE: Pranic Healing is intended as a complementary form of treatment. In case of serious problems, you should contact a doctor and an experienced pranic pealer.


  • Bällstavägen 242C, Bromma, Sweden

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