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Pranic as a solution at work

Päivitetty: 12. helmik. 2021

Many people would not think to mix work with anything that has to do with spirituality or energies that is their “hobby” in the free time. “And never the twain shall meet”. They go together like chalk and cheese. Wouldn’t even speak of the two in the same sentence.

You know what it’s like. Work is stressful, the colleagues are not really friends of your own choosing, not to mention the boss. Even the thought of a mention in the work place coffee room of something so controversial as healing a cold is enough to send shivers down many pranic healers’s spines. And, as that is the situation, Pranic Healing is just not practiced at work by many people. If nothing else, most of your work seems irrelevant in terms of healing.

I know what you think, because I used to be one of those people.

By strike of luck, however, I have been blessed. I know Pranic Healing. Also, I was able to talk openly among some colleagues about what I do, and I have from time to time been trusted to do healing. Some of my colleagues and former colleagues are even also Pranic Healers themselves today.

But I do choose who I talk to. At work, I have a role where I need to be able to work with many different types of people and despite the fact that many are Engineers and would in fact probably appreciate the way GMCKS, a Chemical Engineer, have described how it works and given instructions, there is very seldom any real interest beyond the work at hand.

Then a year or so ago, I started regularly doing cleansing and blessing for work-related issues. And the results are fantastic, just as before, when I did it the odd time here and there.

I particularly recall a vey difficult negotiation that I recently was to participate in. I noticed early on in the process, that the counterpart were preparing very well and going for the heavy artillery. So, using my intuition (honed with regular meditation and purification), I prepped my colleagues for hours. Even to the degree that one colleague got very frustrated and blurted that we really don’t have to prove anything so why bother prepping for hours. Before the negotiation meeting, I focused using techniques taught in Kriyashakti course, and I managed to steer the negotiation in the desired direction. And finally, the night before the negotiation, I sat down and did some proper healing for the situation, and utilising Kriyashakti to achieve the desired outcome. And finally, during the negotiation I paid attention to my own position (Pranic Feng Shui) and I was regularly blessing us all.

In the end, the colleagues involved were really delighted, relieved even, that it all went so well.

I recall another situation a few years back. I had a really hard time with one of my colleagues. I am a level-headed person and very slow to even irritation, but this particular person and I rubbed each other the wrong way and sparks flew from time to time. Then, when I had got such a tell-off as ever I have had by a colleague, I myself let out the most unprofessional outburst so far in my professional life. Immediately afterwards, I regretted being so easily put off kilter and so I started blessing this person. It was extremely difficult, so I had to start off with generalities I would not feel so strongly negative about. It took all of 30 min or so, when I received a rather well-humoured email from said colleague and we have been able to be civil ever since.

So for me, Pranic Healing is an essential tool for managing different sorts of situations and problems at work.

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Wendy Jarvis
Wendy Jarvis
22 de set. de 2022

Thank you for shaaring

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