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Finances – and Kriyashakti

2013-03-15 22.37.52

As is my habit, I read the newspaper today. These days, you cannot open a Finnish newspaper without coming across some article focusing on lack of financing for or cost cutting in some public good; it may be budget cuts for social- and health care services in your own municipality, or reforming the student benefits to cut the state-provided portion (which leads to greater socio-economic inequality), or that the postal services will cut down on services and deliver mail fewer days of the week, or then som infrastructure project is terminated or put on hold because there isn’t enough financing from state/municipality/some external party. And a few pages ahead, an ever worse piece of news hits my eyes; child poverty has increased over the last 20 years. Really – where are we heading?

I could rant all day. What I see around me is a reversal back to class society where there is less and less support available for children, young adults, the sick and the elderly, and the unemployed.

Then I worry about the future of the children, mine and other children. My children are now about 6 and 4 years, and their future looks distinctly different from mine at that age. Much more is dependent on how much I, as their parent, can support them financially. Woe betide if one of us parents become seriously ill, become unable to find employment for an extended period of time, or become a single parent.

But it doesn’t help much to rant or get depressed. That is certainly not useful at all. Better do something! If I had a political streak in me, I would jump up on the barricades now, or at least get up on the speakers podium.

But I have not, I have the pranic healer streak in me, and I think about how I can affect my own and my family’s future so that we will always see a way ahead, no matter what life serves up to us. And as a pranic healer, there is so much you can do! Much is owed to Kriyashakti – the system which explains how abundance works on the energetic level and how you can materialise your goals and wishes. You also learn how to look on finances in a healthy and productive way, and how to go about to achieve your goals and get what you need. As it becomes a part of your everyday life, your children pick it up and then they are even better equipped to meet their future.

I will be reviewing the Pranic Healing Kriyashakti course during the last weekend in February in Helsinki – why don’t you join me?

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