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A quick post about how to do all that stuff you ‘should do’

Greetings from a recovering procrastinator!

Here’s a somewhat less serious post, although it can be seen as a serious issue when thought about in context. While this issue is not exactly Pranic Healing per se, it is very much related to something that the effectiveness of all the techniques we learn hinges on.

I’m talking about the issue of how to do all those things we know we should do but somehow find ourselves not doing. Eating healthy, exercising regularly, meditating regularly, doing self healing regularly… They key here seems to be the word ‘regularly’.

It is true that most of us are very good at doing these things on occasion. Usually this occasion is coupled up with some big event that inspires us to change our lives and do better. And most of the time this inspiration last anything from a day to a few weeks.

Looking back at myself for the past years, I found myself having done exactly that a great deal of times. And then I thought of the times that resolution has actually yielded results. The difference between the times it works and the times it doesn’t seems to be the amount of involvement of other people in the decision making moment, and the continued participation of those people in the process of doing *insert exercise/meditation/self healing/etc*.

The most effective thing so far – apart from actually signing up for group meditations and healing evenings, which make you go because you’ve already paid for it – has been an excel sheet I created, in which I write down every time I’ve done my exercises. I created a calendar in excel, and a column for the different things I wanted to keep doing. Then I shared the document on google docs. With my mother. And she started marking down the days she had done the things she wanted to keep doing.

A normal week.

A normal week.

And now it acts as inspiration because every time I get up and do my exercises I get to reward myself with putting a little ‘x’ in my column! And the best part is, looking back at the calendar and feeling good about all the days I’ve done it! Without some visual representation, it can easily feel like all the times you did it didn’t matter, they just disappear. This way, they spur me on every time I look at them!

And another point – START SMALL!

Trying to do everything you should is only going to make you stop because other things come in the way. I started off with just one simple exercise which takes about 7 minutes to complete. Now I’m up to roughly 15 minutes of things, a nice mix of self healing techniques (and some sit ups, spring is coming even if it’s just January :D). And sometimes I find myself inspired and keep going for an hour, but only because I get myself out of bed and to the salt water bucket by allowing myself to do the minimum if that’s all I feel like!

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