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Personal Shopper

Päivitetty: 14. toukok. 2020

Moderation and non-excessiveness is one of the virtues. I wish I mastered it to a higher degree as sometimes I catch myself shopping to fill in an emotional gap. Luckily I have improved a lot.

Hopefully other pranic healer ladies are smarter than me and do not have the tendency to boost their self-esteem by shopping when feeling down or as a means to relaxation, or trying to postpone something that needs to be done…

Now a days I tend to invoke for protection from any shopping thought forms before stepping into a store. I also ask GMCKS to be present as a “Personal Shopper”. It works really well! Many times when I’ve been about to touch something I hear GMCKS a voice in my head “you don’t need it” or “you already have a similar blouse/bag/jewellery”.

In addition to saving money, by invoking before shopping you can save time. It helps heaps to invoke to be guided to the things you really need and that they will be on discount or reasonably priced. This also prevents you stealing time from yourself and spending time wandering around different shops in excess. Window shopping/retail therapy is still a form of stealing; namely stealing time from yourself.

I have actually stood in the fitting room three times during different weeks trying on the same jeans. I scanned if I can buy them and the answer was always the same: “no”.

When I told this to my mom she said I should scan more often. I also now understand much better why I wasn’t allowed. A person that previously gave me hard time had similar jeans and having a pair might have sub/consciously reminded me of this not so nice person.

I suppose it also depends one’s profession how many nail polishes or pairs of shoes you need. My best guess would be that people pay a lot less attention to each other’s accessories as they are too busy being concerned of their own decoration.

Of course it’s nice to treat yourself every now and then. We dot have to be ascetics as we live in the middle of the society, not in a monastery up in the mountains. However, in GMCKS’ terms it would probably have to be a REtreat to be a really worthwhile investment in his book.

When it’s time to leave your physical body “you can’t take even underwear with you”, as GMCKS put it. The real sources of joy in life are much longer lasting than a pair of jeans 🙂

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