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Pranic Healer’s Toolbox

I like to have things organised around me, I work better when all my tools are in their right place. Because I don’t have a healing room, or even better, a whole clinic, I tend to do healings wherever I can find somewhere to sit in quiet at home. Mostly this is on my bed.

Due to the mobile nature of my ‘healing station’ I created a ‘toolbox’ for myself, to keep my spray bottle and my crystals in. This way I don’t have to worry about finding somewhere to place all the bits and pieces safely, or worry about them falling off the bed or something. I have seen some people with elaborate ‘made to order’ cases for their crystals, and maybe one day I’ll get one myself, but for now my toolbox is all I need.

Pranic Healing Toolbox

Pranic Healing Toolbox

I used a Body Shop Gift Box I got from a friend for my birthday, emptied it and placed a small towel in it to cushion the crystals and glass bottle. Now I can get my crystals straight out of their ‘salt bath’, place them in the box and head to do healing. And I’ve got everything in one place! For longer storage I wrap the crystals in the silk wraps I made over Christmas. Ready, set, HEAL 😀

Hand-made raw silk and linen crystal wrap.

Hand-made raw silk and linen crystal wrap.

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