Shower fresh meditation

Pranic Healers know that it’s better to shower before meditating than after, to avoid washing away all the goody good good energies we get. But not only that, it’s also nice to meditate RIGHT after a shower, before adding all the everyday stuff of clothes and thoughts on ourselves.

Beauty meditation – time management!

You know that feeling of freshness when you’ve just stepped out of the shower? Add that to the sense freedom and light gained from doing a Twin Heart Meditation (or any arhatic meditation, for the arhatic yogis out there). I noticed this one morning after I decided to be time efficient and use the meditation time to let the hair rollers do their work (who says spirituality has to mean not wanting to look pretty every once in a while?)

Someone with a degree in shower psychology can try to explain the ins and outs of the ‘shower fresh’ feeling. My layman’s theory is that the sense of ‘me time’ that comes from taking a shower, being on your own, doing something for yourself, is extended by doing a meditation before getting dressed and thereby ‘being ready to meet the world’. Whatever the reason, I’m now loving the feeling of post-shower Twin Hearts, and as a bonus, when I do get out and meet the world (well, the physical world anyway) I’m not only shower fresh, spiritually charged but I also have pretty curls 😀

Have a great day, everyone!

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