We are only instruments

When I do healing, I sometimes find myself floundering, feeling like I’m too small for the task I’m doing. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has experienced this feeling – when you start thinking you have to do one more round of general cleansing, one more set of three sweeps on a chakra, and then just one more and one more, because you don’t trust that you sweeping is really getting the chakra clean.

I have noticed this only happens when I forget that it’s not actually me doing the healing, that I am only the instrument for the healing, and the actual healing is being done by a range of beings much more proficient in energy manipulation than my incarnated mind in its present state. What a relief!

I also noticed this happened mostly when I was trying to rush straight into a healing session from somewhere else, without taking time to ‘switch’ into ‘energy mode’. The solution I found was to take a minute (yes, it might feel long at first but trust me, it’s worth it) before starting to just sit still, eyes closed, take a few deep breaths and try to feel the divine presence around me. Sometimes I even silently ask ‘anyone there?’, and most of the time, after a few deep breaths, I’m aware enough to get a sense of a circle of beings around me! Seems even divine beings like a bit of humour 😛

Only after this do I do the formal invocation, after first having established a connection with Master and the other helping beings (without a connection and an awareness the invocation becomes just a formality). If I do this at the beginning of the healing session, even if I happen to lose the awareness occasionally during the session, I can get it back in a matter of seconds when I notice myself scrubbing the same chakra for a disproportionate amount of time 🙂

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