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Päivitetty: 14. toukok. 2020

Many people are highly interest in becoming clairvoyant. In the beginning of my Pranic Healing path one of my main interests was clairvoyance. Having advanced a tad more on the path this urge has subsided greatly and here are some reasons why.

Not all that is out there is nice. Even if you can see something what more is there which remains “outside” your field of vision? It might completely change your interpretation if you saw that too. Sure butterflies are nicer to look at than spiders but that doesn’t cancel out spiders from existing.

Master Stephen Co told about a clairvoyant who provides services to celebrities in CA. This person always asks for a Pranic Healing before using her skills. Otherwise what is within her aura smudges the ability to see clearly the other person’s aura. An incorrect interpretation might ruin people’s lives. A friend’s partner asked help from a clairvoyant who told that my friend was cheating his partner. When my friend called the clairvoyant to rectify the details she got very upset and kept just claiming that her clairvoyance is accurate because she is a clairvoyant in 4th generation in her family. She seemed to be ok with taking on the karma of ruining people’s relationships.

Our beloved regular visiting teacher Vivek from the Netherlands told us that he sees more clearly mainly when he is giving the courses. There is a good purpose so his abilities are enhanced in order to allow safer and cleaner environment to practise during the courses.

There’s no shortcut to clairvoyance and the skill is hardly granted overnight. Do your eye exercises + local sweeping and practise Twin Hearts Meditation regularly. The pleasant fact with Pranic Healing is that everything has been tested for your safety and advantage: by following the simple rules your clairvoyance will with time develop safely and steadily. Also by practising the virtue of honesty and non-lying and refraining from twisting the truth verbally or in our thoughts allows us to see more clearly both internally and externally.

In the book The Origins of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, GMCKS writes that even the best of the best clairvoyants see only with 70% accuracy. That still leaves a failure rate of 30%. I don’t know about you, but for sure I am quite far from the best of the best. I truly trust there is a VERY good reason why Higher Clairvoyance has as a prerequisite to practise Arhatic Yoga level 1+2 courses first.

GMCKS has also stated that the ability of being clairvoyant has nothing to do with how evolved a soul is. Some people are good at drawing others in cross-country skiing or surfing. When GMCKS started he wanted two other persons to verify his scanning to be able to give an accurate result. So, let us keep practising scanning and let the ability of clairvoyance develop naturally!

Written by one who is still practising seeing air prana and quite happy not to see everything that we carry with us. When it’s the right time and the ability will serve a good purpose I know something more will be revealed to me 🙂

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