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Ignorance is NOT a bliss, but…

Päivitetty: 14. toukok. 2020

Sometimes it’s a bit burdening to know more. The responsibility that comes with the slightly enhanced level of awareness is something to be respected. You know why people behave the way they do what will follow and it’s not your job to correct them.

Your job is just to be more careful about what you think and say and feel because things tend to manifest more easily and the much much more aware guys upstairs are listening. You will be held responsible. For those less committed to spirituality it is ok for the time being to behave as they do as they are less aware of the cause and effect, the consequences of their chosen reactions. Rules get more strict when you want to step up the ladder to make sure that you get the lessons across faster. I am not saying this kind of person is better than everybody else. It’s just that at this point in this life he or she has chosen to make a commitment to spirituality.

It’s funny how it’s always so easy to spot what’s wrong in other people’s/friends’ actions and words. And you have to remain quiet. Maybe, when the time is right you can gently give a few nudges if they ask your opinion. Complete (crushing) honesty might cause a set back in any relationship. Few people can take criticism to their face, especially if it’s accurate and requires decent character building.

One teacher said we tell these little stories to ourselves the way it allows us to justify the deed to ourselves to reassure ourselves that we are not doing the wrong thing although deep down we know we are. At least some times I am able to catch myself in action but I bet there are times I’m completely ignorant to my stumbling on the path of the virtues. There’s always a greater level of being good at something – like awareness 🙂

Master Co often says: “You’ve seen too much to go back being who you were.” There have been moments when I have almost wished I was less aware so I could tell myself a story to justify my behaviour or emotions or thoughts getting out of control to the level which is no longer acceptable.

On my way to more accurate perception while respecting the rule of correct expression…

Plato’s Cave provides a related allegory to this topic.

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