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We can also practise generosity in thoughts. It is often considered that tithing is related to charity solely moneywise. However, it is possible to plant tithing thoughts towards others.

GMCKS’ advice was to tithe 10% in minimum of the income after taxes were reduced. It is said that we have over 60 000 thoughts per day. And the kind of sad news is that 85% of those thoughts are less productive. The good news is that we are in control of our thoughts although some training may be required. But there are no taxes in thoughts: we could all have 100% positive thoughts!

The only “tax” is the karma. If we project our worries and calcified ideas fed by the society and social background towards other people it will only add to our own anxiety and negative energy in the aura. When we wish all the goodness in the world to other people it will boomerang back to us. Double.

The real test lies in being generous to the persons who regularly test our patience. The thoughts tend to stumble there much more often than with the people whom we cherish. The Great Teachers say that when you project something towards an ordinary person it will come back to you at least double. Since there’s no guarantee what slipped across our minds in the past lives it would be a really smart thing to do to rectify the thought patterns A.S.A.P. GMCKS encouraged to generate at least one good thought a day about a person you like less.

However, tithing should not be done in thoughts only. As Finns we are immensely blessed with several things. There’s a schooling system and even financial support is offered if needed, we have clean water and nature, central heating in our houses and excellent transportation system just to name few. I recently heard that in India if you want to really have a seat on the train you have to travel in the first class because even if you paid for the seat in the second class there will still be someone’s butt literally on your face so you can’t sit straight and someone else laying under your bench. So, as we are so blessed (at least in this life) we can afford monetary mercy to the ones who have to pay for schooling, have no clean water even to drink or have to travel far to get it. If you are always tithing tomorrow clean your ajna, basic, solar plexus and heart chakras – now. Guess what the higher teachings say about tithing towards a Spiritual Teacher’s causes? It will profit you at least 10 fold and manifest more rapidly.

You would most likely wish that someone wishes you to be successful. There is a story of American envy and Russian kind of envy. In US, when your neighbour has a bigger car than your family, you strain to get an even bigger one. In Russia, when the night comes one goes and pierces the tyres from his neighbour’s car. The correct behaviour might be to use the neighbour’s new car as an incentive to realise what are the things that you really need in life and begin to bless everybody else with those thoughts. It’s treacherously built into our systems (lucky you if are not one of them!) that if I am not happy no one else should be happy, if someone is rich in something we become jealous without a good cause. The truth is that someone else’s happiness should be part of ours. Instead of realising what we are missing someone’s fortune should make us even happier.

It is quite common to laugh when someone seems (temporarily) dumber than us. Instead we should straight away be blessing that this person will be blessed with divine intelligence. The tendency to laugh at someone else’s misfortune only signals about our own poor self-esteem. By blessing generously whenever, whatever and as frequently as possible we insure the constant flow of blessings to our direction.

GMCKS said that thoughts are the seeds. Let’s invest in the right kinds of seeds so the trees that will grow out of them will be of the likable kind.

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