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Do I feel like cleansing my energy system each day? – Most often not.

Do I always feel like scanning before doing the treatment? – Err, no I do not.

Do I want to meditate every day? – No 🙂

Then why do I still do it? – For some weird reason that is still inconceivable to myself I have so far been blessed with enough of good karma to diligently follow the simple teachings.

And why do I “waste” my time if I don’t feel like following the simple teachings? – Because regardless of my limited perception of whether the things work or not in the long run they do.

I plead guilty of expecting an easy cure most of the time to most of my flaws and ailments. And yet as I am the only person responsible for my life and how I choose to lead it there’s no other way but to stay hopeful and be as grateful as possible for the tiniest advancement.

Because that too brings about the snow ball effect. Gratitude for what I got is one of the greatest ingredients to build on and attract more favorable events and resources in to my life.

Because having it the higher way means staying closer to the middle path and prevents me from hurting myself more than necessary. It protects me from attracting more painful things into my life.

Pranic Healing does not give you things for free but gently forces you to take control over the things you’ve attracted to your life by your past choices.

As Mahatma Gandhi once said in the midst of his campaign: I have so much to do today I will need to meditate twice as long.

Use the “Nike meditation” as your ally: JUST DO IT! Even if you don’t feel like it. It helps.

That’s why 🙂

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