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Pranic Healer’s First Aid Kit

Päivitetty: 14. touko 2020

=   How to cool down the solar plexus chakra ASAP

1. OM whatever OM

2. Forgive: “you are completely forgiven name, may God’s blessings be with me and be with you, go in peace”  x 7

3. Say 18 x Atma Namaste to the person who you let upset your feelings

4. 12 x Pranic breathing cycles…or more 🙂

5. Recite Lord’s Prayer

6. The Great Invocation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9igxAPDBsg

7. Bless Pranic Healing to spread enthusiastically, rapidly and permanently (in your area/country/globally)

8. Say/think “Yes Master, Thank You Master” x 12

9. Twin Hearts Meditation

10. Help other people so you forget your issues

11. Smile 🙂

12. You name it 😉

#forgiving #om #Forgiveness #solarplexuschakra #GreatInvocation #spiritualfirstaid

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